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Top 10 Employee Wellness Consulting/Service Companies in APAC - 2020

Change is about the only constant within today’s organisational life and as the economies yo-yo and organisations adapt their cultures, processes and systems to fit, people still remain the organisation’s most prized resource. Employment legislation continues to evolve to offer protection and rights and whilst this might be seen to be weighted in the employee’s favour, the longer-term outcome is part of the duty of care rightly afforded to all staff. Organisations understand that to operate successfully in a competitive marketplace with the best possible human resources, they need to support and nurture their people. The working life has changed immeasurably over the last decade – the working hours of many people have significantly increased, jobs are no longer for life and most families now have two earners. Whilst job flexibility and adaptive employment practices undoubtedly help some, pressures within the workplace remain. The bottom-line is ‘work can never be stress-free.’

Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these enlisted solution providers and consulting/ services companies are transforming the leadership development paradigm at the cloverleaf of various disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine comprises insights from subject-matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs in the HR sector on the latest industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and highlights their expertise. We hope this issue of Manage HR helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster an environment driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Manage HR’s "Top 10 Employee Wellness Consulting/Service Companies – 2020.”

    Top Employee Wellness Consulting/Service Companies in APAC

  • The Kaya Group gathers insights into human capabilities and potentials to improve organizational performance, productivity, and profitability by enabling employees to attain a state of optimal wellbeing. Kaya believes that wellbeing is a state of being—so not fixed. People's personal and work lives are constantly changing, presenting them with different and complex challenges and demands that affect and alter their sense of wellbeing. According to the company, when employees are in the right place—mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually—it's called optimal wellbeing.



    BlueSky Psychology is a centre of mental health and well-being for individuals, couples and organisations. The Psychologists at BlueSky Psychology are highly experienced and caring Psychologists. They are committed to helping with your concerns and enhancing your happiness. At BlueSky Psychology they are successful at what they do because they have a passion for helping people. They are committed to providing a service that is straightforward, acts with integrity, strives for excellence, is faithful and confidential, accords dignity to all individuals, and respects individual choice

  • Counselor


    Since 2007, they have continued their commitment to offering high quality counselling services to all our clients. Their aim has been to help make positive changes in people’s lives and to provide them with education & support. They have helped thousands of people in Adelaide since their beginnings in 2007 and looking forward to continuing to support and assist the current and future clients to help them to reach new heights with their mental health and overall well-being

  • Emotional Balance

    Emotional Balance

    Emotional Balance has been providing support to those with emotional and physical needs in Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine Coast, all the way to Toowoomba and Warwick for over 13 years

  • Interactions Therapy

    Interactions Therapy

    Objective is to help people improve their lives and have positive relationships with others through healthy interactions, communication, understanding and accepting their vulnerabilities

  • Mind Profile

    Mind Profile

    Offers a suite of services which focus on optimising and influencing individuals, groups and environments

  • VCPS


    VCPS (Victorian Counselling & Psychological Services) is a private mental health service, providing a full range of clinical, assessment and intervention services

  • Virgin Pulse

    Virgin Pulse

    With its mobile-first platform and focus on behavior change, the company engages employees every day in cultivating habits that drive positive outcomes across all aspects of health and wellbeing

  • Worklink


    Worklink has been working with Western Australian business to provide vocational rehabilitation and occupational health services across a diverse range of industries

  • Zen Life Counselling

    Zen Life Counselling

    Provides effective therapeutic support and coaching across a diverse range of issues to children, adolescents, adults and couples

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